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The New Litter of Puppies are Here !!!

Born January 4, 2015 ~ Four girls and six boys.

Lynna and Thor's puppies of two years ago were so exceptional that we decided to do it again. Puppies come with all shots and worming up to date, micro chipped, registrations papers, and health warranty. They will be socialized with sheep, goats, llamas, and poultry. Call or email to reserve your guardian. Puppies are $725 and can be held with a deposit of $200 until pick-up can be arranged.



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We were so pleased with this litter of puppies. Their dam had a ball playing with them and teaching them how to be "good guardian" dogs. At a very early age they interacted with the farm animals and would find a high spot to sit or lay quietly observing the world around them and watch for anything that was out of place.


Smiling Faces


Nothing says "I Love You" like a puppy kiss

We find two dogs work well together as their vigorous play helps them stay strong and healthy and also teaches them valuable fighting skills they will need later in life. When two dogs are together they tend to play rough-house with each other and not with the livestock.


I run so fast my feet don't touch the ground

Rolling in Puppies

"Mom, Look what we brought home. Can we keep it?"

Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) are necessary on our farm to protect the livestock from predators. Here in Western North Carolina our major threats are feral and domestic dogs, coyotes, white tipped buzzards, and deer that carry deadly ticks and diseases.


Sun Sets on a Playful Puppy


Fast as Fast can be . . . .


Lynna is Mom


Thor is Dad

Tired Puppies


"Tired Puppies after a great day of wind, rain and lots of mud to play in."

Uncle Zeus

Our guardian of choice is the Maremma, a breed that originates in Italy. They are a quiet dog unless they feel there is a threat and then their bark is usually enough to detour predators from coming any closer to the farm. They do not require training to guard livestock as it is a natural instinct created by centuries of breeding for that trait. They are extremely intelligent, loyal, brave, independent, and take their job very seriously. They will often tell you when an animal is not feeling well, or has gotten in a bad place. If a cat, chicken or any other animal puts out a distress call all the dogs on the farm sound the alarm and rush to see if they can solve the problem.



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